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LancashireChildren's Social Care Procedures Manual

Local Resources

This local resource section is populated and maintained locally. If there is a resource that you think should be added talk in the first instance to your manager.

All Children
Title: When Inserted:
Advocacy Information- Mental Health Support July 2019
Advocacy Information- Child Protection July 2019
Family Guide to Child Protection System
Parent/ Carer Guide to Child Protection System
Plans and Reviews for Children in Need
Case Transfer Guide- What Young People Want
Scheme of Delegation- Payment limits
Channel Guide- Good Practice
Section 17 Policy August 2019
S17 Partnership Contacts East- Read with S17 policy
S17 Partnership Contacts North- Read with S17 policy
S17 Partnership Contacts South- Read with S17 policy
Babies Cry Support Poster
Babies Cry Launch Flyer
CSafe Multi Agency Information
Family Guide to the Care System
Family Group Conference- Referral Consent Form June 2019
Lancashire Intervention for Families Team July 2019
Lancashire Intervention for Families Team- Referral Form July 2019
Manager Recording on LCS July 2019
Significant Event Notification May 2019
Significant Event Briefing Template August 2019
Looked After Children
Title: When Inserted:
Assessment and Planning Framework
Becoming Looked After Panels- Guidance May 2019
Case File Expectations
Case Summary Template
Case Transfer Guide
CLA- Promoting Education
Corporate Parenting Promises February 2019
Corporate Parenting- Top Tips Feb 2019
Designated Teacher Training- CLA
Discharge Protocol
Discharge Protocol- Social Work Discharge Statement
Disruption and Placement Stability Meeting Process
Life Story Book Protocol
Permanence Policy- NB This is subject to change August 2019
SGO Financial Process Flowchart January 2019
PEPSA Information April 2019
PEPSA Higher Education Bursary Application Form April 2019
PEPSA Impact Form April 2019
PEPSA Application Form April 2019
Info Guide for Visits to looked After Children
Multi Agency Care Planning Meetings
MAPPA Information July 2019
Staying Put Policy July 2019
Staying Put FAQs July 2019
Staying Put- IRO Checklist July 2019
Staying Put- Young Person's Guide July 2019
Pre Assessment Form- Joint Heath Funding August 2019
Transfer Between Teams Protocol August 2019
Fostering and Adoption
Title: When Inserted:
Adoption Guide to Mailbox Letters
Adoption Mailbox Letters- Birth Families to Adopters
Adoption Mailbox Letters- Adopters to Birth Families
1. Beyond Together or Apart- Children's Physical Agression Checklist August 2019
2. Beyond Together or Apart- Exploring sibling roles and any differential treatment August 2019
3. Beyond Together or Apart- Identifying difficult patterns of behaviour August 2019
4. Beyond Together or Apart- Initial overview of each child August 2019
5. Beyond Together or Apart- Observations of contact with parents and between siblings August 2019
6. Beyond Together or Apart- Observations of contact between separated siblings August 2019
7. Beyond Together or Apart- Observations of sibling relationships- positive and negative August 2019
8. Beyond Together or Apart- Parents and relatives views of children and sibling relationships August 2019
9. Beyond Together or Apart- Observations by health staff August 2019
10. Beyond together or Apart- Observations by staff- pre- school August 2019
11. Beyond Together or Apart- Observations by school August 2019
12. Beyond Together or Apart- Siblings assessments- key assessments August 2019
Early Permanence 3 Minute Guide August 2019
Family Guide to Child Protection System
Life Story Book Protocol
SHOPA ADM Consultation Dates 2020 September 2019
Pending Updates for Manual
Title: When Inserted: